Andrew Mundy

Graduate. Tenor. Vocal Percussion.

Andrew, better known currently as 'Why are you still here?', graduated from his undergrad in International Relations in June, but he loves singing just a wee bit too much to stop. Currently working in St Andrews as a Gin Tutor for Eden Mill, he has been able to make his love for alcohol slightly more respectable! Throughout all uncertainty and change, he has a real desire to keep performing and enjoying music. So he was absolutely delighted when the group were keen for him to keep bashing out his high tenor lines slightly too loudly, and he's enjoying every extra minute that he gets to spend in the company of such warm and kind friends.

Desert island luxury item: Bottle of Old Pulteney 12

Desert island songs: Johnny Cash - Hurt, Victoria (requiem) - Kyrie, Biffy Clyro - Medicine