Scottish A Cappella Champions 2017!

Hailing from St Andrews, The Alleycats will delight with their award-winning arrangements and silky tones!


Combining a range of musical influences, this feisty and fabulous group do not shy away from any genre of music, with mash-ups cropping up frequently!

The twelve vocalists in this high-energy act provide award-winning contemporary a cappella, combining a full range of male and female voices amid a velvety blend. The Alleycats were set up by a group of friends in 2001 who shared their love of singing over a pint in the pub, and much to their delight, discovered the enjoyment that their music could evoke. Originally an all-male group, in 2007 The Alleycats opened their doors to female members and began working their way towards the rich sound they have today.

In 2015 the group embarked upon their first ever US Tour to the East coast. They sang with groups across 4 states, including those at prestigious universities such as Yale, Princeton and MIT. Every year the group performs at events and corporate functions across the UK, all whilst participating successfully in competitions. As of March 2017, they have been crowned the SCOTTISH A CAPPELLA CHAMPIONS, with Musical Director Lauren Gage winning the award for best arrangement.